The Ultimate Guide To Styling Tassel Garlands

One of the most versatile and inexpensive ways of transforming a space is to hang Tassel Garlands. They are showing up everywhere these days! Chances are you saw them at a Summer wedding or at the last baby shower you went to or at a friend's BBQ. I've compiled the ultimate how-to guide to styling Tassel Garlands. I've broken this guide into four sections: Wedding, Entertaining, Home Decor, and Parties.


1. Tassel Garlands are a great way to incorporate your wedding colors into areas that would otherwise stay blank. Use them outdoors or next to walls. Bonus tip: go vertical with your Tassel Garlands and hang them from balloons! 

2. Hang the Tassel Garlands above the dance floor. Play some good tunes and your guests will be down to boogie! 

3. A big trend right now is to hang Tassel Garlands around your dessert table. It adds extra fun to the area, and still looks pretty after you've eaten all the cake! 


4. More is more. Entertaining for whatever occasion is fun, and what's more fun then layers of pretty Tassel Garlands? Pick a fun palate of colors for your party then load up! 

5. But sometimes a little goes a long way, especially if your party is outdoor casual. One strand of Tassel Garlands looks beautiful, especially when you add twinkle lights!

home decor

6. When using Tassel Garlands as home decor, stick to more neutral colors. Tassel Garlands can look really dreamy. Pro tip: support the Tassel Garlands in the center, so they have a scalloped edge instead of a straight line. 

7. Hang Tassel Garlands in unexpected places. If you have a blank wall or a wide window, why not use Tassel Garlands to fill the space? It's a creative and inexpensive decor solution!

8. Use Tassel Garlands to decorate your home for the seasons. They can spruce up a room in a flash! Just make sure to keep them far away from candles! 


9. Kids parties are the perfect place to use Tassel Garlands. You can use fun, bright colors to match whatever your kid is into that year- Frozen, dinosaurs, princesses, bugs, whatever. 

10. Big kids like Tassel Garlands at their birthday parties too. Just add the bubbly! If it's good enough for Blake Lively, you know it's good enough for you too. 

11. Tassel Garlands are a really easy way to transform a party. Just imagine these parties without their Tassel Garlands. The Tassel Garlands really make them memorable. Hang them from the rafters or from branches. 

12. No matter what the theme of the birthday party is, Tassel Garlands enhance it. Modern, playful, or decadent, Tassel Garlands make it happen. 

For even more Tassel Garland styling inspiration, visit my Tassel Garland Styling board on Pinterest, or share your own advice in the comments! 

The Best Piñata DIY Tutorials

Can you make me a six foot long Christian Louboutin? I need it to match my daughters shoes. Can I put something other than candy inside? The party is on Friday.
— just another custom pinata request

I love how creative some of you get with your piñata requests! The six foot high heel was the largest piñata request (so far). The Hello Kitty in colors that weren't Hello Kitty colors was the most curious. I could go on and on with examples of interesting piñata requests...

When I create a piñata from scratch, it means I have to create and test a custom design, then build and dry the piñata. This takes a lot of time. Then I have to ship the piñata, which depending on the size, can end up costing quite a bit. That means I have to respond to a question like, "Can you make a dinosaur in my custom colors for my six year old?" with "Sure, it will cost $250!" Not exactly what they were looking for.

Thankfully, the internet is full of DIY Tutorials. If the piñata shape you're looking for already exists at the party supplies stores, I'd highly recommend that you use these DIY tutorials to customize the piñata yourself. It might not be a Prospect Goods creation, but it might end up being just what you're looking for. Just take their steps and apply it to the shape of piñata you're working with! 

If you're still looking for a Prospect Goods creation though, let's talk. :)