Shopping Guide: Hunter Lawrence Edition

We were lucky enough to catch up with brilliant, visual storyteller Hunter Lawrence as he shared his Top 5 Favorite Shops for holiday shopping with us:

STAG Provisions

"When I lived in Austin, this was the store that I would go in to pretty frequently to just look and get good ideas on style and such for clothing and the home. The prices are pretty high for the clothing, but I will say that what I have bought there has out lasted most of my other garments. The whole aesthetic in there is just super inspiring in general, and it sure didn't hurt that when you walk in they are there to greet you with a Shiner or Lone Star to drink while you shop."


"Again, another store in the great state of Texas. My wife and I frequently visited this shop on our Saturdays in Austin as it was so filling to be in. The stores overall aesthetic draws you in as soon as you enter the store, even for a man. Good prices, great quality and tons of really solid variety make this shop a must visit for gifts and inspiration for the home."

HELM Boots

"Quality, quality and more quality. I've never been in store that prides itself more of providing some of the highest quality boots for both men and women. Not only are their boots my every day wear for the past year and 1/2, they have great little section of American made products from local artisans (belts, socks, bags, candles etc) that are super unique and beautiful."

Juniper Ridge

"Their tagline says it all "Mountains in Bottle." There is just something so real about the product that these wilderness perfumers create. I've spent a few days with them out on the trail and I can tell you first hand, the products they create are seriously the scents of a particular region captured in fragrance that you can use on just about anything. When it comes to holiday gifts for my dad, grandfather and friends I always turn to something from Juniper Ridge; its just that good."

Pistils Nursery

"My wife and I love floral design. We love the feeling that it brings to our home and the culture that surrounds it. Our all time favorite is Pistils Nursery in Portland, Oregon. Not only do they have a super great selection of succulents and other plants, but they have a great little mercantile of incense, books and home goods."


Shopping Guide: Prospect Goods Edition

Say what!?? Here's a few shops we love:

Carolina Cider Company

"Remember back when we traveled the US for 104 days? This was my favorite store we stopped in. Floor to ceiling shelves full of canned goodness. If we weren't on our trip, I would have dropped serious cash, but we had to settle for boiled peanuts. They've got an online store though..."

Tribe Alive

"I met Ashley at our Cinco de Mayo Dallas workshop. Ever since then I've watched her store grow. Tribe Alive 'utilizes a passion for fashion and responsible commerce as a platform to help alleviate poverty among women.' A great cause combined with great products. Gotta get my hands on their jewelry quick, because it sells out so fast."


"Such a gorgeous shop in Capitol Hill, Seattle... Beautifully curated and instantly inspiring when you walk in. Their clothes are drool worthy, but their home goods, decor, jewelry, and accessories are my favorites."

Prospect Goods

"You didn't think we could do this without mentioning our own shop, right? We have a few Prospect Goods piñatas hanging as art pieces in our home. We only have canned lights over our dining room table, so we use a piñata as a 'chandelier' over the table. I also love giving our No Talking and Mercy cards as birthday gifts. They're funny and useful!"

Penny and Lulu Studio Florist

"I love having fresh flowers around the house, and Penny and Lulu is by far the best florist in my area (Southern Oregon). A few years back, I realized that, yes, flowers do end up dying, but they last a lot longer than the cupcake or gossip magazine does, and they bring me such joy overtime I look at them. Penny and Lulu have such an amazing studio space too. You walk in and are instantly inspired."

Shopping Guide: Kendra Aronson Edition

Today we catch up with talented Kendra Aronson. She's a writer, editor, photographer, and designer, but she took a little time out of her busy schedule to share her Top Favorite Shopping gems with us:


"The most delicious small-batch granola made with top notch ingredients and heaps of love. Fortunately I don't have any food allergies, but this granola is made with gluten-free oats, no added sugar, and no peanuts/peanut oil so it makes it the perfect gift for sensitive tummies."

Isobell Designs

"A handmade jewelry line designed by Melody Shirazi based in Oakland, California. With a background in graphic design, photography, and innovative jewelry making, Melody crafts delicate, timeless pieces of raw stone, sterling and brass centered around historical design and traditional metal working processes. Her Spring/Summer 2014 line is incredible, I own many pieces and get so many compliments on my earrings and necklaces. In particular I'm super in love with the Paso necklace!"

Ruby Rose 

" a gem; a lovely little vintage + junker shop located in the quaint town of San Luis Obispo. All items are carefully curated and handpicked from flea markets and estate sales along the California coastline. It's my go-to shop for vintage furniture, one-of-a-kind tchotchkes, and unique clothing. The owner, Stephanie, finds the best stuff and has the most reasonable prices!"

Paso General Store

"An awesome foodie shop specializing in cookbooks, locally-made edibles, made-in-house pantry provisions, and curated hostess gifts. I feel so inspired by all their products!"