Road Recap: Arizona

Arizona is a beautiful state. It's rugged landscape is ever-changing with each mile. Northern Arizona is particularly inspiring.

Our Multi-Colored Piñata & Confetti Kits were extra popular during our time in Arizona, especially when people realized they could alter the shape of their piñata while using the Kit's contents... If you're creative, there are quite a few different piñata shapes you can build with the Kit!

Color Series: Gold Metallic

Gold Metallic: our greatest and gaudiest color option.

It takes a special person to love Gold Metallic. Only the truly fabulous can harness it's powers and work it from a statement piece to a casual detail. You know who you are.

Our Gold Metallic is very reflective, so it adapts to the colors around it. If your wedding or home decor needs a warm glow pick-me-up, Gold Metallic is your go to gal!

When in doubt, always go for the gold. 

Color Series: Copper Metallic

Copper Metallic is our baby. It's our new color option for 2014 and just in time, because Copper is hot this year!

Copper is a unisex color. Men and women have responded to our Copper Piñatas equally, so if you're looking for a decor compromise, this should make everyone happy. It's the warmest of our color selections, and sure to bring a smile.

Since it's the trendiest kid on our block, it looks great with the trendy Tassel Tail Add On. It's the perfect look for a wedding or party, when you want to pump up the celebrating factor! 

God's Glam

We've added a selection of quartz crystals to our shop and couldn't be more happy to be expanding our home decor selection. We love that the quartz crystal is naturally glamorous and earthy all at the same time. Use them as paperweights, nestle them next to your potted succulents, or let them stand alone on a shelf or coffee table.