Color Series: Copper Metallic

Copper Metallic is our baby. It's our new color option for 2014 and just in time, because Copper is hot this year!

Copper is a unisex color. Men and women have responded to our Copper Piñatas equally, so if you're looking for a decor compromise, this should make everyone happy. It's the warmest of our color selections, and sure to bring a smile.

Since it's the trendiest kid on our block, it looks great with the trendy Tassel Tail Add On. It's the perfect look for a wedding or party, when you want to pump up the celebrating factor! 

Copper Love

All you copper and rose gold fans out there, we've got you covered. Copper Metallic is a new color option for our 2014 line, and it's already tied with Silver Metallic as our favorite piñata color. Oh yeah, we forgot about Matte Black. That's our favorite color. Wait though, Gold Metallic is amazing! That's our favorite.

Fine. We are in love with every color in our 2014 line. They are bold enough to stand on their own, but versatile enough to support an ensemble of decor. The metallic colors reflect the colors around them, so they really do fit into any color scheme.