Like XO

Valentines Day is right around the corner, and there's still time to get some lovey-dovey goodies from Prospect Goods. We've got something for everyone! Here are some ideas:

Prospect Goods Balloons
Prospect Goods Balloons
  1. Wear our XOXO Tassel Garland instead of lingerie. Hot!

  2. Pass out our Stop Talking cards as your valentines for your co-workers. Maybe if you kinda like them, tape on some candy.

  3. Fill our Red Liquid Shag Piñata with our Thanks For Nothing Condoms and send it to your secret crush... Time to get brave and declare your crushin' hard!

  4. Or, keep it G rated and just write a cute note and attach it to one of our Prospect Goods Balloons. Everyone will be jealous!

Get your orders in soon! Last day for shipping to get by Valentine's Day is Tuesday, 2/10!