Nail Art That Nailed It

Who else likes to look at (good) nail art on Pinterest? We admit, we're guilty. It's hard though, if you're a gal who works with her hands, because those fancy nails won't last a day with us. So if your girly side collides with your practical side, we've got some suggestions. 

You probably won't get your nails did every week, but take advantage of (or create) "special occasions." For example, when we know a Prospect Goods photo shoot is coming up, we'll do our nails. They need to look good in pictures, which is a really good excuse to have some mandatory pampering. We also schedule our shoots for the end of the week, so that manicure will last all weekend long! 

There are a lot of manicure options out there these days, so use them to your advantage! If you're on a budget or don't have much time, go with the nail stickers. There are so many cool design options! You can go get a professional manicure, which is great because they can do traditional polish, or a gel/shellac treatment. If your nails only need to last a few days, save a couple bucks and go traditional, otherwise, shellac is the bomb for gals who are hard on their hands. Make sure to call ahead or go to a salon that's known for their nail art. 

Probably the cheapest option is to just paint them at home, but, although you may work with your hands, that doesn't mean you are handy when it comes to nail art. We've become super fans of big glitter polish. The glitter is so big it looks more geometric than Jr. High, and if you just use this polish, chipped nails aren't obvious to others. These Pinterest smarties used their chunky glitter over dark polish, which looks rad. 

God bless the gals who sit on computers all day, perfecting their manicures and trimming their cuticles. For us gals chasing after kiddos, building furniture, pouring coffee, creating art, or working in the garden, who have to keep our nails short and our pampering sessions even shorter, we thank you for your inspiration. 

To see more cool, geometric nail art and awesome nail stickers, head over to our Pinterest board, n a i l s.

Nail Art That Nailed It  LOVING everything about these geometric nail designs!  Image from our Pinterest board,  n a i l s .

Nail Art That Nailed It

LOVING everything about these geometric nail designs! Image from our Pinterest board, n a i l s.