The Journey

I came up with a great idea to start a retail clothing store in a little college town where everything closes down at five. Most 20 somethings don’t stick around because there are fewer opportunities here. Although it’s a gorgeous place to live, there’s just not much going on. I want to change all that. I wanted to create a space that folks in their 20’s and 30’s love to shop in. Where we can get all the clothes we drive to Portland to buy and where we can shop after five o’clock. I wanted to become the local standard for style, design, and creativity. Not a dated, imitation of what locals think is hip, but an authentically cool shop. I wanted to inspire the businesses around me and I wanted to raise the bar. I wanted this small, gorgeous region to become the awesome place it can be, with something else to offer besides petrulli and pot.

After a year of research and preparing, I began applying for loans and quickly discovered that I didn’t qualify for the amount I needed to open and set myself up for success. So after some tears and feeling lost, I decided to give it a go, internet style. Then we did our taxes and discovered that a payroll company had made a most unfortunate typo a year ago, giving our already frugal lifestyle a major beat down, and resulting in no extra funds to start the online business like we wanted. 

So after some more tears and some hopelessness, we made a simple website linking to an Etsy shop. This Plan C is about the furthest thing from my dream and what I set out to create. The process has been hard, but I think it’s been good. I’m starting to feel inspired and settling into working with what I’ve got. Prospect Goods is going in a direction I never imagined, but one that I’m so excited about. Stick with me. My original ideas and goals are still there, but in the meantime I’m trying out something new. To all the people who’ve supported or encouraged me over the past few years, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to Michael and Chelsea, Andy, JB and the crew at Courtyard, mom and dad, Barb and Ken, Jayme, Nicole and Noah, Mike, Ashley, Andrew and Ashley. I could go on and on. It’s so amazing to feel so supported, even though I sometimes feel like a complete failure. Someday I’ll give you all a free shirt or something.