Hi! I’m Abby. 

I create and curate products for people who love design and hate coloring inside the lines, who need to be delighted by the items in their lives and crave uniqueness. People who secretly yearn to throw the best wedding of the year, and who are looking to be a trend setter. People who desperately want easy party planning. People who are totally over tradition, totally into confidence, and totally ready for the next big thing. 

I provide the store where people can get a little more extravagant, while making it feel easy. I give them tools to deal with entertaining, while getting more of a “wow” impact. I help them bring more joy into their lives and encourage them to turn any occasion into a celebration! I’m resolved to help them stand out, once and for all, and to look and feel totally awesome while doing it. 

I’ve been building the Prospect Goods brand since 2013. My piñata work has been published in 11 magazines and 2 books. I’ve been a fine piñata maker and entrepreneur for three years. I run Prospect Goods all by myself, as a one woman machine!

When I’m not creating irresistible products and interacting with customers, I can be found hiking with my husband or “reading” (actually napping). I love traveling, and want to go back to visit Rome again. I eat mass amounts of fruit like no one else. 

If you’re dying to know more, here are five things you don’t know about me:

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Abby of Prospect Goods